Pinhole Camera Diagram

When writing an article on the intrinsic camera matrix, I created a diagram to illustrate various properties of the pinhole camera. I've made the Adobe Illustrator source file available under a creative commons license. My hope is that others can use this for instructional purposes and hopefully improve upon it. Feel free to modify it to your needs, and if you use it in your project, I'd love to hear about it.

Download it here


The file is split into several layers, which include

You can use the "saved views" feature in Illustrator to see some example configurations, which you can see below.

pinhole camera Basic pinhole camera.

focal length Focal length

Principal point and principal axis Principal point and axis

Principal point offset Principal point offset

Principal point offset, pinhole shifted right Principal point offset, shifted pinhole

Principal point offset, film shifted left Principal point offset, shifted film

frustum Pinhole camera with frustum

frustum without camera box Frustum only, with true image plane

frustum representation, final Frustum only, virtual image plane only.

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