About Me

I'm Kyle Simek, a research assistant in computer vision at the University of Arizona. My research centers around applying Bayesian reasoning to various computer vision problems. I've worked on multiple target tracking in 3D, camera calibration, 3D reconstruction, virtual reality, and 3D graphics. I'm currently developing a Gaussian process model for recovering structure and nonrigid motion in images of plants.

I'm the co-author of Ergo, a C++ template library for Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulation and the author of cudcvt, a computer vision toolkit in CUDA. You can see more of my work at the code page.

If you're a computer vision engineer and want to work for a fast-growing startup that's a leader in 3D reconstruction, Matterport is hiring! Our team of vision engineers is world class and we're looking for smart, experienced people to join us. Head over to our jobs page and tell them Kyle sent you. :-)